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Pjesacac beach

It is in the southern part of Lake Skadar, in the immediate vicinity of the village of Godinje, that a new tourist complex has arisen in a formerly inaccessible terrain, built in the Mediterranean-Montenegrin ethno style.

View of Grmozur



The surrounding vegetation has been cleared away revealing a beach of a matchless beauty! Wide stone stairs lead from the beach to sheltered terraces & tourist facilities spreading over several terraced levels.

The highest level


Underground inn & wine cellar, kitchen with pertaining ancillary premises, three apartments, bathrooms; as well as a yard with ancient remnants – there is a marvelous view of the isle of Grmozur and vast waters of the Lake.


The Port

Pjesacac, set in the surroundings of idyllic beauty, has already become known: representatives of the Rockefeller Foundation have visited the place and donated its funds for the protection of the Lake.

Stone-paved paths and walls link like a chain all the separate parts. Torches made of wrought iron illuminate the entire area making the ambience magnificent.






No electricity, no roads. In complete harmony with the nature.
There is only a tiny path made through the shrubbery to the nearby road.

Stone, wood, terra-cotta, wrought iron – predominant building materials.

Small bridge


Fragments of the past - indispensable items used by the people of this region, originating from the last century.