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Gastro bar Piazza

On the Petrovac promenade, in the only "cluster" of houses on the sandy side (to the sea), one house was renovated in the ground floor as a catering facility, and on the first floor it got apartments. The timeless stone villa was cleaned from the old plaster and subsequently added concrete and metal (with which it was damaged).
All openings in the house were given new elements in the manner of the original architecture of the part of the Paštrovac seaside. Windows, doors, sims, dashboards, steps ...
The roof of the house has been replaced, partly open. Wooden pergola is set on purposefully carved stone pillars. With a shape copied from a Perugian villa. From the terrace the view shoots on Katič Island.

prijeprijeposlijeposlijeOn the floors in the rustic ambience are apartments of different surfaces. On the first floor there is a reception where the rustic design is combined with contemporary trends. A toilette for the guests of the restaurant in a prominent "industry" style that runs through the Gastro Bar on the ground floor.
A large stone volt was opened from the street, overlooking the whole facade. From it, there is a cave from the old beams, metal and glass, to the street, with the symbols of the winds of that part of the coast.
Stanislav 01Maestro StanislavAn owen for wood-burning pizza was made, with the look and style associated with the rest of the bar. Characteristic elements: stone, old brick, wood and metal.
Stanislav Nikicevic is in charge of the unusual stylization. He painted and revived numerous surfaces, and by the way he did three-dimensional work on the symbolism of the existing kitchen, the forms that are served from the kitchen by the guests.
The guest room is separated by kitchen cabinets. It is open for observation, it is also coated and drawn.
"Gastro Bar Piazza" is a perfectly integrated story that connects architecture, tourism and hedonism in the original way.