ZV Design


Petit Badanj

Already catering used, small space in Podgorica changed the look. The interior had to look like a Badanj restaurant in Virpazar.
With minimal demolition and total color change, an environment of old beams, boards, forged details, shelves and selected photo-motifs on the walls was created. Rustic lamps illuminate on several sides. Classic chairs, massive tables and curtains are part of harmony. The wood stove is in the center of the restaurant. On the stove is always ready tea to stimulate the sense of smell of guests. For the rest of the senses, the setting of always fresh bread rolls wrapped in a cloth, dried bristles, oil jars, olives, onions, stinging pomegranates and lots of dry figs is in charge. Various souvenirs are indispensable details. I restored the facade of the building with a special emphasis on the preservation of decorative plastics from the beginning of the last century. There is a garden in front of it, and above it, the old plateau shines with shade.