ZV Design


Gurman grill

Grill restaurant Gurman in Podgorica (Mahala) have a ground-floor structure.
Built of stone, wood & wrought iron.


The task was to create the above setting, restricted however by the area beneath the existing metal-roof overhang without changing its height. There were three stages of construction.

Outside appearance - day

Gurman has been constantly expanded during construction according to needs, but additionally built parts have retained visual coherence,

Outside appearance - night


Corridor divides old and new

A modern part of the Gurman grill restaurant stands closely to the newly constructed facility, with a stone-paved corridor separating them. The restaurant and its pertaining facilities – kitchen & toilets, are rendered in an unpretentious rustic style.

Massive furniture

Gurman is approached from a side entrance - through a massive wooden door hanging on hand-wrought iron hinges. The entire area of the ceiling is composed of wooden girders & boards, with ornamented iron lamps. The floor is a combination of varied materials – stone, wood & mortar Massive tables, wooden chests, benches with backs, large barrels & three-legged chairs are here to conjure up a modest interior of traditional Montenegrin dwellings.

Wine - the booth decoration

With a traditional accent – original souvenirs, art photographs with captured motives of Lake Skadar. Shelves with a vine collection between the supporting beams. Jardinières in front of the restaurant – barrels on wrought-iron stands

Barrel as decoration