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Ivan Crnojevic's Mill

Part of the Montenegrin cultural heritage, a mill that was built by Ivan Crnojevic at the end of the 15th century, received a donation for restoration. The method of construction, the setting, the stone style, the missing parts, the previous interventions, required an extensive study. In cooperation with conservators, we decided to revitalize and preserve. Thus we have secured: segments that we can not conserve, can handle the next generations.

A lot of information are myths. There is little evidence of exactly what it looked like, as the Cetina River disappeared for centuries from the Cetinje field.

Originally, the roof was covered with straw. However, this tradition has been replaced over time with tile cover called "koritaca", so we did so. We selected tiles as in the nearby buildings of the Cetinje Monastery, so the art is not compromised.

The vault was lowered and partially ruined under the mill. There was water flowing and a wooden wheel and a stone wheel turned. The wheel was missing, so a new one was replicated and placed in the stone floor for it. Lacking parts complemented by objects older than centuries, or newly crafted, painted and processed in a coherent manner.

We saved most of the historical elements assuming they looked in the ancient past. The entrance doors are made of solid wood with forged details as it once was. Mill equipment made of wood is made by examples from similar mills.

Existing stone blocks are used completely. The surrounding terrain is arranged, submerged and tiled, cultivated completely. Also channels for water flow. From the mill to the upper path to the monastery, a pebble path is arranged. Visitors can get down to it, get around the building, and feel the ghost of a swindler. Thus, restoration fulfilled the task.



After restoration:





The media outlined the restoration: